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Aussie woman ‘attacked and raped’ on walk to Bali hotel Jayakarta

An Australian woman on holiday in Bali has reported being’ viciously attacked and raped in a Kuta alleyway as she walked to her hotel in the early hours of this morning.

The 41-year-old was walking from a club to her hotel at 1am when she was grabbed by a man, her mouth covered to stop her screaming and dragged into a deserted laneway where she was allegedly raped and slapped around.

Police said the distraught woman and a female friend reported the matter to Kuta police about 5am.

But she has so far refused police requests to have a physical examination.

Police sources said the woman was dragged into a laneway near the back of the Jayakarta Hotel In Legian, in the heart of the tourist district.

They said the woman fought hard against her attacker, but he covered her mouth to stop her screaming for help.

In addition to the rape she was slapped and slammed against a wall to stop her escaping.

Denpasar police chief Hadi Purnomo said the woman reported to police about 5am today with a friend and was in tears as she described her attack.

“At first she came to Kuta Police, then the Kuta Police accompanied her to go to Denpasar police station to make a report,” Mr Purnomo said.

“At Denpasar police station, when she reported, police told her to do physical examination but she refused to do so.”

He said police had already conducted a preliminary inspection of the crime scene and were continuing their investigation.

But Mr Purnomo said in order for the case to proceed further they needed the woman to agree to a rape kit, something which so far she has resisted.

“We have conducted investigation at the crime scene. We are continuing with that. But we need a medical report as evidence,” he said.

“In our legal process, we need proof, we need evidence. Only a medical report can prove that she was raped. It’s not easy to prove if only based on a statement, as there is no witness.

“We will try to persuade her. We will try to make her understand that a medical report is very important for police to do the investigation.”

Police are constantly warning tourists against bag snatches and stealing of mobile phones around the Kuta tourist district and expat forums in Bali repeatedly report about attacks, particularly on women riding motorcycles and walking alone at night.

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