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Daring soldiers seen dangling off Black Hawks over Swanbourne

The old joke pertains to people on the ground looking like ants when viewed from out of the window of a plane.

But in this case it’s the daring soldiers dangling from the Black Hawk choppers who seem miniature as they hover over the home of the SAS at Swanbourne’s Campbell Barracks.

The Australian Defence Force had issued a public notice late last week that Black Hawks would be more visible around Perth and the South West during March as part of training exercises aimed at ensuring expertise in all flying conditions, across urban and rural areas.

While residents might have been expecting a bit of extra noise, they may have been taken aback to see armed soldiers hanging off the choppers as they made their way into the barracks.

The striking nature of the feat was made all the more impressive by the fact that it occurred amid a backdrop of autumn storms, which saw lightning strikes around the city.

There was a fiery end for these Noranda palm trees after lightning strikes from a Sunday afternoon storm.

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