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Jesinta breaks silence on Cadbury ‘dumping’

WHEN she was announced as the ambassador for Cadbury earlier this year, Jesinta Franklin didn’t expect the partnership to ignite a firestorm.

The fitness fanatic, and self-confessed “chocoholic” was scrutinised in April for signing a deal with the confectionary company, because it went against her brand and ultra-healthy lifestyle.

But shortly following her partnership with the confectionary company, speculation that the model had been “dumped” surfaced — with some reports suggesting the relationship had come to an end because she had banned sugar and processed foods for three months — a move which would have started around the time she signed along the dotted line with Cadbury.

But Franklin, who is also an ambassador for Olay and David Jones, said the speculation around her departure is incorrect, and that she’d only ever signed a contract for a short 12-week period.

“I filmed an ad for them and it was a three month ad,” she told

“I did a really great job for Cadbury. Sales went through the roof, and within 48 hours and they had a huge increase in sales so my job was done.

“I did a really great job for them and I’m proud of it.”

Franklin, who will be trackside at Randwick on Saturday as an ambassador for the Moet & Chandon Stakes Day, said she was never a face of Cadbury — and that speculation she was ‘dumped’ was simply “great clickbait”.

“I wasn’t the face of Cadbury, and I was never the face of Cadbury,” she said.

“I filmed an ad for them in London and that was it. ‘Dumped’ is great clickbait.”

Franklin, who released a book based on health and wellbeing in November titled Live a Beautiful Life, faced backlash from critics online when she joined forces with a chocolate company — suggesting it clashed with her well-known love of sugar-free recipes and avoiding packaged foods.

But Franklin, who is married to Swans footballer Lance “Buddy’ Franklin, said the negative response wouldn’t deter her from working with other junk food or confectionary brands in the future.

“In the first chapter of my book I said once a week I love a glass a champagne or a glass of red wine and some chocolate and I’ve said that in about 45 interviews,” she said.

“I’ve even mentioned Cadbury before I started working with them.

“I’m in the media and if you put something controversial against my name, it’s going to get clicks … it literally is water off a ducks back.”

A Cadbury spokesperson said that they would be happy to work with Franklin again in the future, as the launch for the Dark Milk range was a huge success.

“We engaged Jesinta for a set period earlier this year to appear in our Cadbury Dark Milk television commercial and to provide promotional services for the launch campaign, and that period has come to an end,” a statement to read.

“The launch was a huge success and Cadbury Dark Milk continues to go from strength to strength.

“We loved working with Jesinta and would be pleased to work with her again in future if the opportunity arises.”

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