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Man caught by TV cameras with another woman

A WOMAN was left confused after spotting her husband hanging out with another woman — in the background of BBC1 reality show, The Apprentice.

Rosa Silverman’s partner was seen enjoying a coffee in a Brixton cafe in London’s south with the mystery lady, while cradling their child in his lap, The Sun reports.

Writing in The Telegraph, Rosa said a “sharp-eyed friend” had spotted the trio, screen-grabbed the moment and sent it to her.

“It was a woman with long dark hair who could have been me, had she not been wearing someone else’s coat and been much better groomed,” she said.

“It was, therefore, Another Woman.”

Neither Rosa nor her husband could identify the woman.

However, after some careful consideration, her spouse remembered the ‘Other Woman’ was in fact a mutual pal.

Rosa said he had “further photographic evidence from the day itself to prove it” — and claimed to have never “doubted him”.

The Apprentice is filmed six to eight months in advance of it being aired on our TV screens.

Danny Grant was the first candidate to be fired from The Apprentice following a failed stint as task manager.

The teams were split between men and women, and then given the task of selling burgers to both traders and members of the public.

The men chose to set up shop in Brixton — where Rosa’s hubby was hanging out.

The women made a profit but the men made a loss, sealing their fate as losers of the challenge.

Host of the British version of The Apprentice Alan Sugar made his disappointment with the men’s team clear, branding their performance on the day as “diabolical”.

Danny, 32, has since lashed out at fellow candidate Charles Burns and said he should have been fired.

Grant told the Press Association: “It’s hard to say because I was only there for a week but I think Charles is definitely playing some sort of game and I think that’s why we maybe didn’t see eye-to-eye.

“He definitely should have been fired, I should have stayed.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and appears here with permission.

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