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Mark McGowan catches train to work, minus security

He promised he would be the People’s Premier and Mark McGowan seems intent on living up to that pledge – catching the train to work three days after his landslide WA election result.

Mr McGowan and his Labor Party swept to victory on Saturday night on a platform that was party anti-road (the Roe 8 extension) and pro public transport (the proposed Metronet rail network).

And the Premier-elect, who lives in Rockingham, was living up to that mantra this morning, saving time by riding the train.

According to 7 News Perth calculations, Mr McGowan – whose security detail was nowhere in sight – might have trimmed half an hour off his commute.

“It was very busy on the roads – the train’s always the way to go. I love the train,” Mr McGowan told 7 News Perth.

“I’ve always caught the train regularly, it’s always a lot quicker and when you live a long way away it’s pretty good.”

The Tuesday train ride came a day after McGowan pledged in a Today Tonight interview that he planned on a down-to-earth approach to the state’s top job.

“I’ll be consultative. I’ll actually talk to people before I make decisions. I won’t be arrogant. I want to be a People’s Premier,” Mr McGowan said, in a thinly veiled swipe at his predecessor Colin Barnett.

New Premier faces short honeymoon with record debt and a children’s hospital still not open.

Mr McGowan also rode a Joondalup line train – with a little more fanfare – as he announced the Metronet promise during the election campaign.

WA Labor leader Mark McGowan caught the train from Perth to Joondalup to announce Labor’s extended rail proposal.

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