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Mole Richardson Fresnel

Mole-Richardson 1K Baby Solarspot Type 407 Tungsten Fresnel Stage Light V03


Mole Richardson 200W 2351 Midget Solarspot Fresnel with many accessories


Mole Richardson Six Inch Fresnel Lens for 407 and 3081 Baby. Perfect Condition


Mole Richardson fresnel for 5K Solar Spot MR Type 414


Fresnel Lens 10" for ST2k, T5, FL5k Part # L4.83156.E Arri Mole Richardson


Mole Richardson 200 Watt Mini-Mole Fresnel Inky with Barndoors


mole richardson Fresnel Lens ,Kino Flo, Arri, Led


Mole-Richardson TweenieLED 100W 4.5" Fresnel, Tungsten Model 8901


Mole Richardson 2831 Baby-Baby 1K Studio Fresnel with many accessories


Mole-Richardson Mini-Mole Solarspot Fresnel Lens 2801


Filmgear Tungsten Fresnel 650W w/ Barndoors and Scrims Arri Mole Richardson 650


Mole Richardson In-Betweenie Solarspot 3101 Fresnel W/ Barndoors


Mole Richardson 10k Fresnel Lens of  20" diameter.  Good condition, 1 minor chip


Mole-Richardson Type 412 Junior Solarspot 10", 2K Fresnel light Complete


Mole-Richardson Type 8931 Daylight BabyLED 150W Fresnel w/ barndoors


Mole Richardson Baby Solarspot Type 407 Fresnel Lens & Barn Doors


Mole Richardson In-Betweenie Solarspot 3101. Fresnel w/ Barndoors


mole richardson Fresnel Lens, Arri,led ,Kino Flo


4-scissors Clip ,mole richardson Fresnel Lens ,Kino Flo, Arri, Led,matthews


3, Mole Richardson Baby Juniors, 2000W Fresnel Spot Lights


mole richardson Fresnel Lens ,Arri,led,Kino Flo


RARE Hollywood movie collectible serial #1 Mole Richardson 1k fresnel light


mole richardson Fresnel Lens ,Kino Flo, Arri, Led, Matthew


Mole Richardson 4.5" diameter replacement glass fresnel [Golde Mfg# 3545] 379678


Mole-Richardson Inbetweenie 100/200 Watt Fresnel Tungsten Light + Focal Spots 


Mole Richardson Junior 2K or 1K Fresnel Tungsten Light w/Barndoors ...Works good


Mole-Richardson TweenieLED 100W 4.5" Fresnel with DMX (Daylight)


NOS SPECIAL Mole Richardson Focal Spot Inkie Tweenie Fresnel Church Window Gobo




Arri L2.77834.0 Frosted Fresnel Lens