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Shure Bodypack

Shure ULX1-M1 Transmitter Wireless 662-698 mHz Bodypack Used


Shure ULX 554-590 MHz J1 bodypack wireless microphone transmitter ulx1


Shure ULX ULX1-J1 Wireless Transmitter Bodypack w/ Shure 185 Lavalier Microphone


Shure BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter H9 Band 512-542mhz


Shure ULXS4 Wireless Receiver and ULX1-J1 Bodypack Transmitter, Lavalier Mic


Shure UR1 Wireless BodyPack Transmitter G1 band 470-530MHz Very excellent CLEAN


Shure ULX1-M1 662-698MHz Bodypack Transmitter Wireless Microphone Instrument ULX


Shure BLX1 H9 Band Wireless Body pack Transmitter 512-542MHz FREE SH 1Y WARRANTY


Shure UR1 Wireless Microphone Bodypack 638 - 698 MHz #3


Shure ULX1-M1 Wireless Body Pack Transmitter 662 - 698 MHz


Shure Wireless Microphone Transmitter Bodypack UC1-UA 782-806MHz Excellent clean


Shure ULX1-M1 662-698MHz Bodypack Transmitter Wireless Microphone


Shure P6HW Wired Bodypack Receiver SEE DESCRIPTION


Shure GLXD1 Z2 Bodypack Transmitter w/ 2 EACH WA305, SBC10, SB902


SHURE UR1 L3 wireless transmitter 638-698 MHz bodypack


Shure SLX1 Wireless BodyPack Transmitter Backlit LCD w/Timeout Feature 3-Freq




Shure ULX1 M1 (662-698 MHz) wireless Bodypack with NEW headworn microphone.


SHURE SET OF UR2-L3 & UR1-L3 638-698MHz BodyPack & Handheld Transmitter L3 Band


Shure SLX1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter G5 494-516MHz


Shure SLX1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter J3


Shure QLXD1 Digital Wireless Bodypack Transmitter -J50 572-636 MHz


Shure ULXD1 - bodypack transmitter only H50 Band, 534-598MHz Excellent Condition


Pair of Interview Microphones for Shure Wireless Bodypack Transmitters *NEW*


SHURE LX, LX1-CU 209.000 MHz Wireless bodypack Microphone system COMPLETE


Shure FP15 Bodypack Wireless System With FP5 & FP1 Transmitter & FP3 Tansmitter


Shure ULX1 G3 Wireless Body Pack Transmitter W/Microphone 470-506 mhz Nice


Shure AXT910 Bodypack Rechargeable Battery Used HOLD FULL CHARGE .




Shure BLX1-J10 Bodypack Transmitter


Shure ULXD1 H50 Digital Wireless Bodypack Transmitter -H50 534-598MHz H50 Band


Shure SLX1-Bodypack Wireless Transmitter H5 518-542 MHz And WL 185 Lapel Mic.


Shure PSM600 P6R-HA Wireless Bodypack Receiver 626.475MHz & 632.550 MHz (230)


SHURE ULXP4-M1, ULX1-M1 Earset Mic Wireless Bodypack Transmitter


Shure ULX Pro Wireless Microphone System w/ ULX1 Bodypack/Lav Mic M1 Band


SHURE UR1-J5 578-638 MHz Wireless Bodypack Transmitter for UR4S


SHURE ULX1-G3 BODY PACK TRANSMITTER And Headset w/case G3 band 470-506MHz


Shure ULX1-M1 Transmitter Wireless 662-698 mHz Bodypack


SHURE ULX1-J1 BODY PACK TRANSMITTER only J1 band 554-590MHz / Excellent CLEAN .


Shure QLXD1-G50 Band Wireless Bodypack Transmitter only (470-534MHz) Excellent .


Shure SLX1-H5 518-542 MHz SLX1 H5 Bodypack Wireless Transmitter