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Pauline Hanson goes cold on preference deals after WA debacle

Pauline Hanson has indicated she might never again do a preference deal after One Nation’s unsuccessful alliance with the Liberals in the WA election.

Senator Hanson has pointed the finger squarely at outgoing premier Colin Barnett for the Liberal Party’s failure to hold power in the west as Labor’s Mark McGowan enjoyed a big win.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson concedes the preference deal with Colin Barnett wasn’t the right thing to do.

Ms Hanson said her own canvassing of public opinion showed the deal with the Liberals was the wrong one.

“We are going to have a debrief about this,” she told Sky News’ The Bolt Report.

“What the voters have told us, especially because we get 50/50, we get Labor voters supporting us saying we are not interested if you want to support the Liberals.

“I am going to think very strongly about this, as to whether we are going to do preference deals with anyone again.

“I will go back to the grassroots and look at standing alone. We are going to possibly look at doing it seat-by-seat basis.”

Senator Hanson said she would likely leave the preferences in the hands or her voters.

“Educate the people,” she said.

“They own their preferences, not the political parties and (we will) just say you put your preferences where you wan to put them.

“That is the best way.”

One Nation hopes to secure at least three seats in the Upper House.

Ms Hanson also continued to take aim at Islam.

“It is going to be the biggest problem in our country if we do not address it now,” she told the program.

And she also served it up to her critics.

“I am sick and tired of them,.” he said.

’It is this gloating, they want to see my demise.I am thrilled with the result (of the WA election).”

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