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Whales spring up next to Sydney kayakers

THERE’S a good chance these kayak fishermen had a flashback to the famous ‘you’re gonna need a bigger boat’ Jaws scene when they were confronted by two whales off Long Reef.

Using a drone, Cromer’s Ross Daly captured the incredible moment a mother whale and her calf suddenly sprung up next to two kayakers on Sunday morning.

Mr Daly said the fishermen had no intention of hooking the creatures, with the one nearest to them trying to paddle away as quickly as possible.

“They were going straight for the first kayaker,” Mr Daly said.

“He saw them coming and he paddled very fast to get away from them.

“He was lucky they (the whales) didn’t do one of those big splashes.

“They just popped right up … it’s like they just came up for a look.”

Mr Daly said he didn’t know who the kayakers were, but hoped they would recognise themselves from this photo.

“It would be interesting if the guy sees the footage and says ‘that’s me’.

“There were a few out there — it was a pretty popular spot for kayaking.”

The whales and the kayakers were about 500m off Long Reef when they were captured on Mr Daly’s drone, which was more than 100m high at the time.

“They were moving pretty quickly and the mum was staying down a lot longer than the baby, who was more on the surface,” he said.

The pair of whales were heading south, as part of their migration to find better feeding grounds.

They will then migrate north to warmer waters, off the coast of Queensland, from late April to August.

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