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Man shot dead at Paris airport

UPDATE: A man has been shot dead after trying to seize a weapon from a soldier guarding Paris’ Orly Airport.

A French national police official said the incident occurred this morning (this afternoon, Perth time) at Orly.

French media reports said the man seized the weapon and tried to flee before being shot.

The soldier was part of the Sentinel special force installed around France to protect sensitive sites after a string of deadly Islamic extremist attacks.

Passengers described gunshots and panic when the man was killed.


A witness identified only as Dominque said on BFM television: “The soldiers took aim at the man, who in turn pointed the gun he had seized at the two soldiers.”

Another man told BFM that there was a group of three soldiers targeted, and they tried to calm the man who seized the weapon. The man said he then heard two gunshots.

Another witness, identified as Patrick, said he was at the check-in counter when he saw someone come in from outside and the incident began.

A French journalist on a flight that landed from Nice told France-Info radio passengers were being kept on the plane and were not allowed to disembark.

Police initially evacuated part of the airport and warned visitors in a tweet to avoid the building while the police operation was underway.

The Paris airport authority said Orly was being entirely evacuated of thousands of people and all flights redirected to Charles de Gaulle airport.

The shooting came after a similar incident last month at the Louvre Museum.

France remains under a state of emergency.

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