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Mel B’s marriage split no surprise to those in the know

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have split.
Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have split.Picture: Getty Images

Those who spent time with Mel B and Stephen Belafonte during their two-year stint in Sydney would hardly have been surprised when news of the couple’s split broke.

Just as their private lives — and proclivities towards picking up strippers — kept them in the gossip pages, the couple’s professional lives consistently landed them in the news pages.

Known to be in an open marriage while they spent time on our shores as the former Spice Girl went from one reality franchise to the next, the couple in 2010 visited a Kings Cross strip club where the singer-turned-reality “star” got a lap dance and the couple lured the dancer back to their lodgings for a night of hot tub hijinks.

“It was just one of those things I felt I should do because something like that might never happen again,’’ the Golden Mile dancer confided in Confidential on the condition on anonymity.

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“Hollywood producer” Belafonte — whose film credits include underwhelming titles Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and The Mutant Chronicles — was also responsible for the couple’s ongoing residency dramas thanks to his well-documented run ins with the law under his birth name, Stephen Stansbury.

Stansbury turned Belafonte also made headlines when he unleashed on his wife on the red carpet opening of the Ivy’s Pacha, when he decided the singer’s neckline was too low.

The pair also landed in the NSW Supreme Court after signing conflicting contracts with the nation’s leading television networks — one with Seven, Brown’s employer when she came to work on X Factor, and the other with Nine, where Belafonte had plans to move his wife to work on rival reality show Australia’s Got Talent.

The NSW Supreme Court ultimately blocked her attempts to ditch Seven’s The X Factor for Nine’s Australia’s Got Talent, although she was able to appear on The Voice Kids in 2014.

Mel B was also in court with Sydney paparazzi extraordinaire Jamie Fawcett after alleging he endangered her life, although her war with the snapper ended when police dropped the interim AVO.

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