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Young businessman brings UK digital start-up to Oz

Greg Mitchinson is taking the hype around big data a step further.

At 21, he is bringing tech start-up Klood Digital to Australia.

Founded by UK-based entrepreneur Mo Sacoor, Klood uses its digital listening tool Radar to collect online data in real time and turn it into something companies can work with.

The company has worked with England’s major banks, accounting firms and car manufacturer Volkswagen helping them sift through the maze of online content.

“It pulls in all of the millions of conversations that are happening online and uses deep learning to pull out key insights for businesses,” Mr Mitchinson said.

“Big data has been a buzz term for a few years and 75 per cent of big organisations are collecting big data but only 0.5 per cent of that data is actually being analysed and used by these big businesses.

“We will actually pull together all the insights so they can make decisions based on that.”

Klood has come to Australia under the banner Klood Asia, and is negotiating with a major Perth construction company and several A-League clubs.

“We are still at the proposal stage with A-League teams, but we are calling it ‘voice of the fans’, quickly pulling together information about what fans think of ticket prices, about tactics,” Mr Mitchinson said.

“We have worked with a couple of football clubs in England to monitor their sponsors’ impact on a club, so we could say which fans are engaging with different sponsors and feed that back to sponsors,” he said.

He said Klood tried to stand out through its fast and personalised approach – companies can find out what people are saying about them in real time and marketing experts at Klood can provide quick advice about potential courses of action.

“Managed services come at an extra cost because there is a bit of manpower, but I think what gives us the edge over your run of the mill digital marketing company is we’ve got a market research company as well.” he said.

Mr Mitchinson, of Trigg, was one semester into a business degree at Curtin when a chance meeting with Mr Sacoor changed his trajectory.

“I was travelling through Europe with a friend when he said ‘do you want to meet my Grandad (Mo Sacoor)’, so we stayed with him for two days and I was in awe,” Mr Mitchinson said.

Conversations with Mr Sacoor about his passion for technology, business and football brought the pair together on Mr Sacoor’s project Football Whispers.

“I had always had these big dreams and aspirations but I didn’t really know how I was going to get there, so I would just share my dreams and aspirations with Mo on Facebook – one day he said to me he had acquired a new company and I should go and work with them,” he said.

Football Whispers, an online algorithm that ranks English Premier League transfer rumours by reliability to predict movement amongst teams, also uses Radar.

Mr Mitchinson took a step back from Football Whispers to expand Klood, setting up an office in Subiaco in December with one employee so far.

He said the long term plan was to make Klood a 24/7 service available globally and being in Australia made that possible.

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